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Cloud Hosting Forum / Re: Benefits of Cloud VPS Hosting?
« Last post by upasanaraghuwanshi on Yesterday at 05:30:39 AM »

Benefits of Cloud VPS Hosting :

•   Dedicated Resources
•   Affordability
•   Scalability
•   Accessibility
•   Self-Healing Hardware
•   Reliability
•   High Level of Security
•   Full Control of Cloud VPS
•   Speed
•   Better collaboration
Hey Folks,

Cloud server hosting is the process of outsourcing and virtually divided into different-different category for different users. Users can login via their login id and password and get the access of their server. An organization's service provider that offers server hosting services from its infrastructure services in a utility model.

Finest advantages of Cloud Server Hosting:

Free technical Support

Rapid Speed

Highly Connectivity

Data Centre Facility

Flexible Service

Top Reliable
Really are you finding UAE based Dedicated Server Hosting plans then firstly I want to confirm that UAE based dedicated server hosting plans are more costly as compared to other countries hosting plan due to their rule and regulations but I have one amazing website which provides cheapest UAE Dedicated Server at just starting price $333 a month that is, must visit at one time here you will see amazing collection of server hosting plans for global area including UAE. Check hurry !!!! may be its right time to get best offer… I hope you will find here right UAE hosting solution within limited budget.

Cloud Hosting is a type of service where the hosting service is provided from different physically connected servers.
Though there are many types website hosting service available, cloud hosting services are the latest one. This type of hosting service is considered as the most reliable and authentic way of website hosting services.

Cloud hosting service providers deliver its services to clients on a services model rather than a traditional product model – dedicated or shared. Users are charged depending on their infrastructure usage rather than a fixed monthly or annual charge. Also, users have the freedom to change their resources configurations like RAM, storage, Bandwidth according to their needs and get charged accordingly.
Cloud hosting advantages:
•   Scalability
•   Better performance
•   Reduced costs
•   Disaster recovery

Yes it is good question, as we know Dedicated Server Hosting is very important in any online business for running better business. But as same place finance is also essential for business, so it is important to utilize money at right place to invest a right Dedicated Server Hosting plans. It is also depend on your business website, which plan will best for your business. Here Onlive Server guide you about Best UAE based Dedicated Server Solutions at limited to your budget. Onlive Server provides the best as well as Cheapest Dedicated Server Plans at UAE (Dubai) location. For more information you can check Onlive Server website.
Dedicated Server Hosting is the most suitable option for traffic load website. It has extra bandwidth facility, extra suitability and flexible. It may be little costly compare to other Server Hosting, but it is most suitable for all type of business. It is most secured and protected as your personal data cannot share also secured with anti-virus and firewall configurations. So there are very few disadvantages of Dedicated Server Hosting. You can also get the best Dedicated Server Hosting with Onlive Server based with many countries. You will easily get Dedicated Server Hosting at very reasonable price in nearby your location.
Cloud Hosting Forum / Re: Benefits of Cloud VPS Hosting?
« Last post by priyankas on Yesterday at 05:01:59 AM »
Cloud VPS Server: Its Advantages is one of the vital reasons to pick up Cloud VPS Hosting.

It has top 10 finest advantages of Cloud Hosting like: Dedicated resources, Affordability in Cloud VPS, Better Adaptive, finest accessibility, Self-Healing Hardware, proper Reliability, full control on Cloud Hosting, High class Security to safe server data, good collaboration, acute Speed. Cloud VPS is fully fitted for each website.
No doubt Both sites are mentioned above are the best hosting provider that satisfy the needs of the customer, but according to my opinion HostGator is better they provide their hosting services in 30 plus countries with 100% SSD Hosting, 1000mbps port and up to date OS and great technical support. If you want web hosting from your nearest location or in multiple locations, then I will suggest you HostGator is the best hosting provider because hosting is depend on the technical support and multi type of Linux web hosting.
I will suggest to Canada's hosting users to choose VPS Server Hosting plans from because their VPS can easily handle your complex website and help to take your business next level. In present days VPS Hosting is highly demanded that’s why Onlive Infotech recently launched Cheapest KVM virtualization based VPS plans that can easily handle your heavy workload or complex websites. Otherwise many more Canada VPS Server Hosting provider company available with different features, choose according to your wish.
My Point Of View: I know about one of great Web Server Hosting provider company which that name is Onlive Server. This company is the best Server Hosting provider in web hosting industry. It has very affordable and reliable server hosting plans in several types like: Dedicated Server Hosting, VPS Server Hosting and Cloud VPS Server Hosting for Germany and USA locations. They give you finest facility of nearby Data centre, if you are located in USA then you can get nearest Data centre and if you are located in Germany then, you will get Kassel Data Centre facility. My experience will be good with Onlive Server company. I suggest that you should choose Onlive Server.
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