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There are many companies in India in the web hosting environment which offers Linux based Dedicated Server Hosting Services at low cost .But Onlive Server offers flexible, secure and cost-effective way to bring your web application fast with the help of Best Dedicated Server Hosting and provide 24*7 Free technical Support from skilled cloud domain experts, you can get the very most from your web application. We can take care of everything for you.

Onlive Server Offers  Linux Based Dedicated Server hosting solutions that help you upload multiple files, manage multiple domains, and smoothly run various other mission-critical tasks. Our easy to customize and upgradable servers match your growing business demands with consistent network connectivity and premium bandwidth. Host your mission-critical websites on server and install/ configure/ boot/ reboot or shut down your Linux servers independently, with no hassle.

Onlive Server Supply Cheapest Dedicated Server that is less expensive. We give KVM facility in our Cloud Server Hosting that manages your website. Here user will get full root access and freedom to modify all the server software. It is stable, fast & secure hosting method with the cheapest price. Our server hardware as well as network have the most advanced and powerful configurations.


Dedicated Servers are essential to receive comprehensive support and maintenance for your hardware. If you are looking for Powerful, fully managed, monitored and supported 24x7, High performance dedicated servers for every need then Onlive Server delivered Cheapest Dedicated Server Supported by our expert technical team. Fast loading websites and quick response times are key parameters for success of any website and online business.

Including These Features:

•   Most trusted servers for high-performance
•   Proven to boost SEO with dedicated IP
•   Full-proof secure servers with DDoS protection
•   99% Server Uptime
•   24×7 Unlimited Ticket Support
•   24/7/365 Technical Support
•   Instant Provisioning
•   Datacenter facilities (Approx. 30+ Countries)

A server with a 24/7 support package provides an operating basis for the Cheap dedicated server hosting model.
Dedicated Server Forum / Re: Which is the best Dedicated Server Hosting company?
« Last post by priyankas on IAugust 24, 2018, %:06:23 AM »
Yeah, I come here to share own best Server Hosting services experience. Because, I suffering best experience with one of most reliable company whose name is Onlive Server. This company provide topmost server hosting plans in multiple kinds like: Dedicated Server Hosting, Cheap VPS Server Hosting and Cloud Server Hosting for different-different locations such as: Germany, USA, India, UK, Europe and other. You can acquire Server Hosting from Onlive Server. This company also provide latest technology of server hosting plans. Its experts give you various features of Server Hosting like: reliable, flexible, scalable, stable, SSL protection, WHM Support and many more.
Hey Guys,

As my point of view, if you want to buy cheap and best Dedicated Server Hosting plans in USA location than, I suggest you for Onlive Server Company. My Server Hosting experience is good with Onlive Server Services. That why I want to suggest you for this platform. That company has multiple Web Server Hosting Services for multi locations such as: USA, UK, Europe, India, Germany and other location. Best Dedicated Server Hosting providers are all time stable for you to give instant setup for your Plans.
Dedicated Server Forum / Re: Where I can get a good and cheap Dedicated Server?
« Last post by priyankas on IAugust 24, 2018, %:42:08 AM »

I want to give you my opinion, as we know that here are many Server Hosting companies but it is difficult to conclude which company provides better server plans. I want to solve your query, I know a company that offers better plans Whose name is Onlive Server. Few months ago, I bought very affordable and reliable server hosting plans for my own business website. Its plans are running very well. Onlive’ experts also very supportive and friendly which provide excellent services of in several kinds like Dedicated Server Hosting, Cheap VPS Server Hosting and Cloud Server Hosting. Thank You!!!
Hi buddies,

Okay, if you want to launch your business website in the web technological. Then, I suggest you to finest VPS Server hosting platform that name is Onlive Server which provide Cheap Windows VPS Hosting plans with multiple advantages like: SSL protection, KVM Virtualization, Customer care support, WHM Support, Free Plesk Panel, Great performance and many more. Hence, I am suggesting you to this platform because i brought Windows VPS from Onlive Server and it was the best for my website.

I am here to give you some information about Windows VPS Server Hosting plans. Yes, you were heard right that Windows VPS Server Hosting plans is the right option for all kinds of Website because Windows VPS plan gives you finest performance for your website. You can host your website with the Windows VPS because is full fill unique advantages in it.  As well as I suggest you for best web Hosting platform which is Onlive Server company. Choose Onlive Server and enjoy these services.
I want to launch my Website in the web world, so I heard that Windows VPS Server best for my Website, here anybody can suggest me for Cheap Windows VPS Server Plans?
Anybody can suggest me for buy Cheap and Best Windows VPS Server Hosting plans? As I heard that Windows VPS Server is best for any types of application but i am totally confused that which company I should choose for my application?
Yes, I can elaborate you for the Cheap VPS Server Plans provider company in 2018. Onlive Server is one of the biggest Web Server Hosting provider company. When I buy Cheap VPS Server Plans from Onlive Server than, those experts give me free technical support and many more benefits like: DDoS protection, SSL Support, Pre-Installed Control panel (Plesk Panel for free) and many more advantages. So thats why I suggest you to pick Onlive Server's Cheapest VPS Plans Company.
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